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We’re a bunch of financial and intelligence experts who decided that a fintech company needed to take a Stand. That stand was simple; standing for privacy with an expertise in financial policy and a passion about others like us who simply want to transact without our most valuable personal data being cross-monetized.

You may need to sit down for this one...

Every time you connect your bank account to an e-wallet or FinTech provider for transactions, you may be giving away more than you know…

Everything about your financial history is “scraped” from the walls of your private bank or credit card provider and sent into the most cutting edge, sophisticated aggregations. FinTech and payments companies then create a profile from analyzing the transactor, the merchant then determines the value, and off to the highest bidders it goes. This information can include a credit score estimations, a timeline of spending habits, hours which the person is most likely to checkout online, the places they frequent, the organizations they donate to, and even their trends of income and debt.

Gloves Off

Plain and simple, this doesn’t match what many of us would expect from a company we entrust our transacting with.

Our response: to take a Stand!

Stand Payments has built first-hand direct-to-bank relationships around the world (even as far as partnering with an international bank). We have negotiated various payment underwriting services for our vendors and merchants—tailored to their business models—and negotiated with processing gateways who share our vision. This is a mighty feat, as none of us can get away from gateways and their model to sell data.

But we did! We have created an ecosystem of financial experts with a commitment to merchants and transactors alike to protect the true integrity of their financial privacy.

Merchant Services

Wrap it all into merchant services though API calls (hey developers, we got you), card-present terminals, card-not present (your online hosted checkout), a QR code on the invoice, a text-to-pay audience engagement, you name it…

No, we aren’t Stripe, Plaid, or Square, and we’re not trying to be. We are focused on financial integrity backed by technology. Let’s keep the horse before the cart! Our goal is to provide our clients, our users, our neighbors… business owners, dreamers, builders, Ma and Pop’s, and even large enterprises with payment solutions for the strength of our future.

Here’s Our Suite

Payment Solutions for B2B, B2C, Non-Profits, Retail, Developers, and Software Providers.

Full API Call

Digital Invoicing

Hosted Checkout


QR Code

Preferred Retail Network Builders

Recurring Donations

Ready to get started?

Stand Payments e-Wallet: Coming Soon!

We get the need for everyday e-wallet convenience…

So, stay tuned because it’s coming! Our soon-to-launch e-wallet will be backed by our affiliate bank, guard your privacy and transaction history (living fully within our ecosystem), and make peer-to-peer, B2C, B2B payments without selling your private information up the river!

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Processing for Financial Privacy 

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